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   The former world No. 1 Murray will appear at the ATP Cologne station that opens this week. This is also his debut after losing to Wawrinka in the first round of the French Open. After the Spanish king Nadal won his thirteenth French Open championship in an unprecedented way, Murray said in a pre-match interview that this record is unsurpassed.


   "This is one of the most incredible records in sports, and perhaps no record can match it," Murray said. When asked who of the Big Three will eventually become the player with the most Grand Slam titles, Murray emphasized that physical conditions may be the deciding factor: “It’s hard to say because maybe one of them will suffer injuries, like Like me, this will completely change a person’s career. If all three of them can stay healthy and retire at the same age, then I think Rafa (Nadal) or Novak (Dejo) People will become the player with the most Grand Slams."


Murray’s opponent in the first round of the Cologne station will be Spanish star Vodasco, currently ranked 62 in the world. Since the rematch, Vodasco has only participated in the Rome Masters event and scored 0-6 in the first round. /2-6 lost to De Zuh. In terms of the match record, Murray led 13-3, but in the two most recent duels, Verdasco won.

穆雷在科隆站第一轮比赛中的对手将是西班牙球星沃达斯科,他目前排名世界第62位。自复赛以来,沃达斯科仅参加了罗马亚博在哪里下载软件大师赛,并在第一轮得分为0-6。 / 2-6输给De Zuh。在比赛记录方面,穆雷以13-3领先,但在最近的两次决斗中,韦达斯科赢了。

"The first game was not easy for me to play." Murray said, "Vodasco is an excellent player. I have had many fierce duels with him in the past. The speed here is relatively slow. , I think this is also a condition he prefers."


Speaking of goals for this season, Murray said: "Today, my coach and I also had a conversation on this and set some goals. For example, I hope to rise to a few places. I will try my best to win every race. , Indoor hard court events are my better venue."

说到本赛季的目标,穆雷说:“今天,我和我的教练也进行了交谈,并设定了一些目标。例如,我希望上升到几个位置。我将尽我所能赢得每场比赛。 ,室内硬场地比赛是我更好的场地。”

In the interview, Murray talked about his hip condition: "Sometimes (hip) feels good, sometimes it's not so good. I was told that this will be a process that takes up to 18 months. My body I will gradually adapt. This not only means that I have a brand new hip, it also completely changes the way my pelvis moves."


   "I hope that in the next few months, I can play more games, participate in more events, and train well in the offseason, then I believe that the 2021 season will be very good."


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